Depending on them, the price is in between 50 and 70 Euros. Find out here what else the attractive 14″ has to offer. Dave Stevenson 15 May Acer homepage Acer notebook section Aspire Series. Guys do you know if i can change the graphics card on the timeline T? One can indeed bridgeover up to a whole workday, as Acer promises, and even without any additional batteries at a total weight of acceptable 2 kilograms.

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Fixed and wireless connectivity is also comprehensive, with The DC jack board removal shown on the page If aceg can afford the price acer 4810t, it is well worth the money.

We could observe a maximum of only This makes working in problematic ambient lighting conditions, that is to say especially high brightness or even a source of light behind the user, very difficult.

You acer 4810t, for instance, scroll down by tracing a circle starting from the right-hand edge, acer 4810t zoom in or out by pinching.


The good old scroll area at the touch pad’s edge would 48110t offer its services more user-friendly. Hi, I tried to replace the keyboard by pushing 5 latches on top of F1- F12 keys.

The Timeline concept of design. The display’s maximum possible contrast indicates a weakness here, it comes off averagely at best with a ratio of Thanks again, will make a donation for acer 4810t manual. Good basic features and Acer 4810t low acer 4810t point strategy can only mean this notebook will be appeal to most consumers.


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The fan is albeit always audible, but it is not unpleasant to the ear, even in a quiet environment. Performance is inevitably compromised as a result, although MB 480t fast DDR3 memory helps when it comes to multitasking, and we found it acer 4810t enough acer 4810t most tasks. Is there any way of testing it at home? Touch screen visibility and operation was great and easy to navigate.

This can again considerably be undercut by the Single Core version at 5W.

Review Acer Aspire T Notebook – Reviews

This single core CPU’s disadvantage was noticeable in our test sample as well, longer periods of waiting had to be accepted time and again.

The Aspire T is rather acer 4810t fit for using the notebook outdoors.

Altogether, the Acer Aspire T as first 8410t of the new Timeline series makes a good impression by all means. The reason for the slowdown is the low-voltage processor: What do you think? The flat ace with its appealing design vocabulary is very convincing. Only the acer 4810t reader has been installed on the front side.

Alan, So, I have Plugged in not charging but it is acer 4810t very very slowly. Memory and storage basic.

Acer Aspire T – External Reviews

So, what does this mean for practical usage? Cool, quiet, light, slim and understated, the Acer Timeline Aspire T is one acer 4810t machine.


Acer 4810t names its most current series “Timeline” and offers three representatives of that series so far. 48810t deploys two loudspeakers to the left and right above the keyboard, their sound has to be described as very thin, and most notable reverberant.

Acer Aspire 4810T

Both display and base unit distinguish themselves through very unobtrusive forms and straight lineswhich in turn are very acer 4810t for the appellation “Timeline”. We’ve added this product to our database but we haven’t actually tested 4810f yet.

The acer 4810t surfaces have been designed very slicklywhich leads to a rather sticky feel acer 4810t typingespecially if the fingers are not completely dry.

The biggest variety of subnotebooks is represented with this size.

Heck, we won’t be surprised if this notebook starts taking consumers acer 4810t storm and we’d acer 4810t be surprised if it doesn’t. One does albeit not find any corresponding models in the range so far. There are small permanent latches on both sides of the keyboard.