The guaranty can be extended to up to three years, though. This works optically, but they can’t hold a candle to real metal components, as they have been built in to Asus’ current edition of the Eee PC Eee HA , from the feel. The whole case issues a more unsophisticated plastic flair, anyhow. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. At least in regards to stability the chassis leaves nothing to be desired. One decisive factor in a netbook is doubtlessly the display.

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We also tested the performance during playing a HD video. The device is minimally heavier than many potential competitors with its grams but in view of the good battery life you can very well live with this.

System Noise In the frame of our tests, we could observe a somewhat unpleasant characteristic of the D in acer aspire one d150-1bw low-strained office mode internet, text input. One decisive factor in a netbook is doubtlessly the display. That this value can’t really be reached in practical use seems obvious. The Aspire One D can be picked up and carried acer aspire one d150-1bw at all corners and edges without acer aspire one d150-1bw and without even the slightest creaking.

While the netbook is kept in white on the outsides, the device is completely black on the inside. This works optically, but they can’t hold a candle to real metal d150-1bs, as they have been built in to Asus’ current edition of the Eee PC Eee HAfrom the feel.


The development of the maximum surface temperature under load turns out very untypical for a netbook. There is also lne dead zone in the middle of the key bar. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

The Emperor’s new clothes. The rivals often show cases of magnesium and aluminum parts.

Review Acer Aspire One D Netbook – Reviews

How can a reflective glossy display be justified in a ultra-mobile netbook? In the meantime Linux has been dismissed. The display lid presents a glossy finished surfacewhich acer aspire one d150-1bw surprisingly resistant to fingerprints and smudge. Even though the Eee PC from Asus probably has the highest profile among the mini-notebooks, the title of the most sold netbooks goes to Acer with the Aspire One A The keyboard stays with a maximum value acer aspire one d150-1bw With the title “Aspire One AL “, Acer sent a netbook into the arena last summer which has helped the manufacturer to unpredictable growth rates.

Acer Aspire ONE DBw Specs – CNET

Should we really start to count them? The usual netbook fare of connections are found on the device. After the acer aspire one d150-1bw hit AL, a 9 inch device, the staff of standards on the D is set very high. Acer offers an enormously efficient acer aspire one d150-1bw source for the Aspire One D with the 6 cell, 59 Wh battery. The netbook cut off most excellently in view of illumination as well: It can’t be for the brilliant colors in the studdering playing of HD videos….

With increasing circulation of the netbook the wish for a more common desktop also increased, to which Acer complied with the AX configured with Windows XP. Caution should be applied at the individual battery configuration, though.


The reasons for this are the immensely protruding battery out of the case as well as the rubber feet in the front area, which elevate aspiire Aspire One far above the base. The display hinges have acer aspire one d150-1bw turned out very exemplary.

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An advantage of this graphic solution is primarily the low energy consumption with a maximum of up to 7 watts. We were also very curious about how the successor of the up-till-now worldwide most sold netbook would look like and acer aspire one d150-1bw oe it’s going to position itself in comparison to its, in the meantime numerous, competitors.

The D shows a new case, which tries to distinguish itself from the broad mass r150-1bw a d150-1bd design. With this however, the staff for the 10 inch follow-up model, the Aspire One D, is set especially high. Every handling to adjust the viewing angle leaves its marks here. They bid even at a acer aspire one d150-1bw maximum volume a clear sound.

Therefore it’s more efficient than the forerunner chip, the N With a black value of 1.