In Nikon Scan 2, many of these functions appeared in the main scan window. Color Balance As a simpler alternative to the curves-levels window, the “Color Balance” option provides fairly rudimentary controls to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color balance of the image as a whole. How to effectively display the huge number of controls without using-up all of the available “real estate” on the computer screen? The “tools” button pops up the separate Tools Palette window, which provides access to the various scanning controls. For those really tough negatives and slides, where you really do need to extract every last bit of information from the film, the advanced controls of the Super Coolscan ED are unparalleled. Key Features The new Nikon Super Coolscan ED scanner is by any measure one of the most sophisticated products we’ve reviewed to date. The scanner uses three color LEDs to illuminate the film, a design unique to Nikon, as far as we know.

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A warning about the SF adapter from the former Nikon tech forum though: At coolsvan given resolution, it produces a slight softness in the image relative to an unadjusted scan, but the overall result is incredible!

In Coolscan 4000 ed Scan 3, Nikon’s gone to a separate tool palette window, that displays a list of available control groupings, each coolscan 4000 ed which expands into an inline window when you click on its heading. By just about every measure resolution, image sharpness, dynamic range, features, or accessoriesthe Super Coolscan raises the bar for desktop scanners. All adapters can be “hot swapped,” in that they can be changed without powering-down the scanner or requiring any special operations in software.

Nikon Super CoolScan 4000 ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

Film Handling The Super Coolscan ED comes with three film holders, one for mounted 35mm slides, one for loose 35mm film strips, and a third “clamshell”-style holder for handling badly-curved strips of film via the slide adapter. As noted es, the ability to do other things while the scanner works coolscan 4000 ed the background can ease the pain of waiting quite a bit. Our personal conclusion was that corner sharpness wasn’t a major problem, and any difficulties with badly curled film could doubtless be surmounted by putting coolscan 4000 ed film in a glass-faced slide mount.


The ability to get good results quickly is coolscwn for production scanning, and after quite a learning curve the Coolscab Coolscan ED does very well in this respect. After hearing some comments on the ‘net about corner sharpness or the lack thereof voolscan Super Coolscan ED scans, we carefully examined a maximum-resolution scan of a Kodak Gold coolscan 4000 ed.

Not much to go wrong there! Some adapters such as the filmstrip feeder have an electrical plug on their back that carries power and signals between the film transport and the scanner itself. The results from the SilverFast product are exceptional.

Note that while Nikon Scan uses virtual voolscan to swap data out to a scratch disk, you’ll see significantly higher performance if you can just give it all the Coolscan 4000 ed it needs. Here’s what the different controls do:.

Nikon Super Coolscan ED Film Scanner B&H Photo Video

Full bits per channel output Adobe Photoshop tm Versions 4. This process greatly enhances the visual impact of resulting scanned images.

You’ll note that there are still minor blemishes left in the image, but their nature is such that they’d be quite easy to remove either by cloning coolscan 4000 ed with a “smudge” tool in a paint program. ICE versagt bei Kodachrome Dias.

Es gibt viele alte SW-Filme zu clolscan.

A few minutes later, the scanner would be ready for the next strip of film. System Requirements SilverFast 8.

To be sure, film grain is more evident at a full dpi, but in examining the resulting image files, it’s clear that there’s also noticeably more image detail present as well.


One result was a somewhat “electric” blue on the girl’s coolscan 4000 ed.

Cooolscan the coolscan 4000 ed grain was fairly evident at that resolution, our feeling was that there was little purpose in going to even higher resolutions, since it seemed all this would do is further emphasize the film grain. Don’t throw coolscan 4000 ed your copy of Photoshop just yet!

The automatic functions auto exposure, one-click curves adjustment, and most notably Digital ICE save huge amounts of time. At the time, the LS the unit’s model number represented the state-of-the-art in desktop film scanning, and large numbers were sold to photo enthusiasts and pro photographers alike.

Especially with the Nikon scanner, the adjustments that can be made at input, are ideal! For professional applications, ICC profiles and a robust color-management system are coolscan 4000 ed for repeatable color and an efficient workflow.

Steves Digicams – Nikon Super Coolscan ED – User Review

The Nikon LS ED film scanner is able to feed in small and medium format slides or filmstrips automatically. At other times, however, we were just manipulating the ccoolscan and controls to achieve a particular color balance, and the process seemed to take quite a bit longer than should have been necessary. Allerdings ist es beruhigend, coolscan 4000 ed man die ICE-Funktion mitlaufen lassen kann. For film that’s curved more in either direction, use the FH-3 clamshell adapter. By contrast, Nikon Scan and the Coolscan 4000 ed Coolscan ED provide a wide range of color space choices, and screen gamma settings of 1.

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