But that is the extent of its MIDI playback capabilities. You can find the latest beta as of this writing here: More than ever before, we need to fill the world with good music. My Roland Juno and my GT-8 works.. Thanks for the report, Paulo. Works like a charm!

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I concluded that edirol um 1x basic functionality you do not need Roland’s drivers in Windows 10, except possibly for the ONE series. Do I need to go through the steps above again to restore the driver?

Occasionally lucid, often obscure. Definitely great to have edirol UM-1X working again.

Edirol UM-1X 1-In/1-Out (Male) USB MIDI Interface | Musician’s Friend

Thank you very much; I have been using the UM 1 for years and have edirol um 1x bought a new Lenovo ideapad with Windows 10 and an i7 processor to run Cubase elements 8.

Es funktioniert auch in Deutschland…. Worked for me like a charm!

I also used it when I built a newer PC with Windows 7 for a while, but when I became more interested in vintage systems, I put the interface u for several years. Now the older computer runs Windows 10 and when I plugged it into edirol um 1x motherboard ports, Windows recognized it and installed its own driver.


It involves booting into troubleshooting mode etc. Thanks once again, Ivor. I finally found something on another screen km edirol um 1x me to update the driver, and it looks like it is working. Thank you so much!

Nerdly Pleasures: Getting a Roland/Edirol UM-1X and Windows 10 bit to Work Together

John, I just wanted to say thank you for providing this workaround for installing the driver. Grazie per il vostro rapporto, Giovanni. Saved me a lot of work, Thank you. I will do it again edirol um 1x I would say if it works you.

Do you have a recommendation for an inexpensive, basic midi? However after exirol reboot edirol um 1x UM1 works fine. Hi man, somtimes life is beautiful. Thanks for the program update information.

It also works on two UM3-EX connected in series. Once booted in, do the driver update as normal by selecting the non working device in device manager and updating the driver… choosing edirol um 1x the location of your edited and renamed. A polite request to Roland basically said, in the nicest possible way, sod off.

But if my driver disappears again, I might give that a try and edirol um 1x what happens. Thank you for letting me know how you got on! To edirol um 1x check I did a clean install on my laptop and the fix worked just fine, but no go on my regular PC for some reason. UM-1ex ans focusrite scarlett next gen ake a good pair for me. This is Bonnie again.


Make the Edirol or Roland UM-1 and UM-1X work on Windows 10

Oh and i forgot my pc midi keyboardno driver or support for that one either luckely i can get it to work through the UM-1s thnx to John. Thanks again, I owe you a beer. However, edirol um 1x I edirol um 1x to update the driver, I got the error message: Help is highly appreciated.

Some companies have I think good reason for letting old edirlo drift off after edirol um 1x certain number of years, e. The procedure worked fine on a laptop, but so far, no joy on a Dell tablet. I did disable that yesterday.