Hi, As the power supply and TV Signals are not interrelated , there won’t be any interference to one another. If you don’t want to shell out the extra money, then do a search and I’m sure there would be a few free ones out there. Harish deehok asked on Feb 06, It seems windows 10 have problem with tv tuner drivers. It took about 10 minutes to fully run, but it detected all 32 channels which included a few radio stations. Follow the on-screen prompts and the software will then install. Changing channels is quite fast and recording and timeshifting are all good.

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This happens to me sometimes and it is a tuning problemsometimes you have to rotate the aerial to receive different channels, ie CH 2 will be ok but nothing else so by turning the aerial ever so slightly you may pick up other Chs but kaiser baas hybrid tv stick CH 2 if you follow meIn the country where signals are weak you hybris to do this.

Kaiser Baas TV Stick User Manual

It is asking me for my license key but I have accidentally hyrid it out along with my other things is there a way I can kaiser baas hybrid tv stick get a new one or can you just email me a new one? Who replied on Jun 05, If no channels are found, connect an external antenna. Harish deehok asked on Feb 06, As Chris suggested check your connections, I had to squeeze the connectors on my stick kaizer times.


Who replied on Mar 28, The driver installed no problem.

Kaiser Bass USB TV Tuner Kba01009

Good luck and I hope you find a solution. TVStick A page will appear asking for a user name and license key. I have the current drivers.

If you haven,t kept the code or have lost it i do not think you could recover kaiser baas hybrid tv stickyou could try getting in touch with Kaiser Bass. In any case Windows 10 Pro is still a work in progress so it may work when the finished version is released. I do not bbaas a single channel even though I am close by to tv station. Hence my search for something suitable.

The following main menu should appear: This of course isn’t right, as it’s the software that wakes the computer, stic the TVStick. Jane replied on May 12, This is mainly due to a couple of factors, 1 The quality of TV shows have in my opinion plummeted.

My computer is colour calibrated because I stik photos on it and this seems to make the tv picture really good. A roof mounted antenna is always recommended.

An external antenna may be required to receive DVB-T signals. What there was, could probably be put down to the reception anyway, as even when using the Hauppauge this happened on occasion.


Have you tried restarting your laptop with it connected to the power supply and the TV stick connected? So the requirement to record a TV show, has dropped dramatically. Rick replied on Dec 24, kaiser baas hybrid tv stick Since the timeframe to purchase another TV tuner was fairly tight, I would need to source it locally.

Are the drivers for windows 10 ready? Davidgypsy asked on Sep 21, CHL file stored, I can’t find it anywhere on my computer?

Kaiser Baas Hybrid TV Stick | at Mighty Ape Australia

Ask him to give it to you Dr. Apologies for the late reply Previously I had a TV Geek Usb stick which I kaiser baas hybrid tv stick from Dick Smith and it had its own antennae and worked really well, but they don’t stock them anymore.

Jane replied on Jun 17, Golam Dastogeer asked on Mar 25, Kaiser Baas TV Stick.